Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz J5L Ambulance is equipped with a glass fiber reinforced high roof. Work- and blue lights are integrated in the high roof, making the construction quiet, economical and easy to keep clean. All the lights are designed to warn and illuminate the work environment effectively. Integrated light elements are serviced from the inside and makes the roof weatherproof and easy to clean.

Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance is designed according to SFS-EN 1789 Class C requirements. The surface area of the ambulance interior is easy to keep clean because of the small seams. The inner roof with treatment light is completely flat and reduces the risk of head injury.

J5L-Production Oy is a certified Mercedes-Benz VanPartner partner.

Ergonomics in the patient compartment is thoughtfully designed and equipped with properly placed support bars. For all patient care equipment there is a planned and safe location and fastening system. Cabinet position and size in the patient compartment hospital is ergonomically designed. Patient care equipment that is important for is placed as close to the paramedic as possible. You can easily reach the patient and patient equipment while sitting in the paramedic seat.

The easy-to-use J5L CES CAN-BUS electrical system automatically ensures the temperature according to the user’s requirements. Powerful heating and air conditioning systems are sufficient for demanding Nordic conditions. Interior lighting is mounted so that light is distributed evenly and effectively throughout the patient compartment. The electrical system can be remotely controlled for programming and upgrading.Depending on the condition and need for care, the lighting can easily be adjusted to suit the desired effect. Powerful sound insulation minimizes road noise in the patient compartment.

Ford Transit

J5L-Ford Transit Ambulance meets the standard SFS-EN 1789 C Class Ambulance Requirements.

Patient compartment inner surfaces are easy to keep clean due to the small seams. Ceiling in patient compartment is completely flat, and there is no risk of head injury. Working in the patient compartment is safe with the help of properly positioned hand rails. For all the patient equipment you will find a planned, safe and secured positioning.

The easy-to-use J5L CES CAN BUS electrical system automatically adjusts the temperature according to user pre-set requirements. Patient compartment lighting is assembled so that the light is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout the patient compartment. Depending on the conditions and need, light can be easily adjusted. Effective soundproofing minimizes road noise inside the patient compartment.

J5L-Ambulance can fit in even lower garage, because the exterior light elements will not raise the overall height. Both work and alarm lights are integrated into the shape of the chassis, making the structure silent, economical and easy to keep clean. Getting to the ambulance and loading the stretcher is easy on the FWD model because of the low loading height.